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Last updated, Sep 10,2018

Personalise your Guest Internet experience better with EzinetCloud

EzinetCloud develop, supply and support Guest Internet access controllers for very high speed Internet service capable of delivering speeds that are usually well beyond those currently available resulting in reliable and long product life deployments

Current trends we see:

We have been suggesting this to Hotels for some time now, the opportunity to know your guests better especially those who repeat stay, we suggest that you use the Internet login process to gather the guest email address and opt in ( or out ) status for direct marketing emails from the Hotel only ( not 3rd parties )

There are always some guest types where this is not appropriate, group bookings etc, Ezinet has been refined to accommodate that. Asking a guest once during their stay, only on one device for their email address, the guest may update their details during the Internet login as well. EzinetCloud expect to be compliant with the new UK global data protection GDPR legislation, also compliant with the NZ version once that is regulated

In medium size hotels we see quite large numbers of guests choosing to 'opt in' for direct emails from the Hotel and this is one way to pick up guest contact details for those bookings that come in with masked email address's from the various booking engines


EzinetCloud current products

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Our products include virtual machine cloud based guest Internet login portals, managed layer 3 network firewalls, routers and switches, managed wireless and network monitoring solutions


EzinetCloud current services

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EzinetCloud offers a comprehensive range of services for your networking and wireless systems, we also look after firewall, router, switches, virtual machine hosting, active directory systems, managed wireless infrastructure and security scan/audits, if its network related just ask because we either offer it or have done it already

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EzinetCloud Limited ( formerly Billing Solutions Ltd ) a New Zealand company based in the South Island have been building and managing guest Internet systems for the Hospitality industry since 2004, using our own captive portals ( login page and guest profile service delivery ) on embedded hardware, originally as single box solution server appliance's these systems have been robust and durable providing service for many years.

The company now provide very high speed solutions where the Ezinet server has evolved to a virtual machine appliance typically deployed in cloud hosting with on site a very fast network processor purely for shifting data servicing guest devices with guest plan/profiles linked from the EziVM which is usually in turn linked to the Hotels property management system.

EzinetCloud also provide and support custom configured network components for their customers, often at the edge and core of networking, this may be as simple as routing and firewall components, may also include managed wireless infrastructure, in some cases bringing remote properties into a central network for applications, extending active directory into remote properties, 24x7 device monitoring, throughput and bit rate monitoring, security scans and audits, all network related activities are a good fit for us.