Legacy Products


Last updated, Sep 3, 2018

These systems are a complete guest Internet single box solutions that connect to an Internet feed, a guest Internet delivery infrastructure that is usually wireless and a front desk network often fully integrated to the Hotels property management software to obtain guest names for easy guest login using room number and surname delivering often complimentary Internet in exchange for the guests email address and an opt in or out status for marketing emails from the Hotel

These are all PC style min tower chassis hardware with solid state drive SSD storage media, the only moving parts are fans making these units very reliable. They run embedded server appliance software in read only media mode making them very tolerant to environmental issues such as unexpected power outages and recover very quickly

The IA1000SE is the only legacy product still available for order on request, this will be supplied with the EziVM software image yet capable of running in single box pass through mode. The network interfaces are all Gbit and the unit includes a local firewall


Last updated, Sep 3, 2018

These small form factor units differ only in the amount of on board memory and software license intended to service a maximum of 50 and 250 devices each, the network interfaces are Fast Ethernet limiting them to 100Mbs, while they are usually deployed in pass through mode this is not recommended for anything faster than a VDSL service however the IA250B can be software upgraded to run a small footprint version of the EziVM image from the Current Products and manage an EziCPE for very high speed guest Internet connectivity.

UnManaged Wireless Access Points

Last updated, Sep 3, 2018

These are usually older a/b/g/n access points and should ideally be replaced with managed 11 n/ac or better access points from the Current Products page