Current Products

EziVM Cloud hosted VM profile and portal server

Last updated, Sep 3, 2018

EziVM - a virtual machine login server appliance typically deployed in cloud hosting servicing guest devices with guest plan/profiles linked from the EziVM Hotels property management system. Supports multi Hotel and multi PMS configurations as well as guest and conference specific login portals

The EziVM image is available on site based hardware including the legacy Ezinet box's taken out of pass through mode and re deployed in the EziVM role in conjunction with an EziCPE

EziCPE Site based pass through portals

Last updated, Sep 3, 2018

EziCPE - an on site very fast network processor purely for shifting data servicing guest devices with guest plan/profiles linked from the EziVM which is usually in turn linked to the Hotels property management system.

An EziCPE is usually deployed on a Mikrotik Cloud Core Router CCR 1U 19 inch rack mount platform with 2GB memory, dual power supplies and options for 10Gbps or SFP+ network up link. The EziCPE can be deployed on smaller form factors where appropriate.

Ezinet OnPrem single server pass through and portal combined

Last updated, Sep 3, 2018

The Ezinet OnPrem single box pass through server is a legacy product supplied on special request on the latest PC style embedded server platform, see the Legacy Products for more information on how these systems are deployed

Ezinet Managed Wireless networks

Last updated, Sep 3, 2018

The Ezinet Managed Wireless deployments are currently all Ubiquiti Unifi Deployments using the EzinetCloud hosted Unifi controller, this includes monitoring of the AP alerts and messages, updating AP firmware as needed and managing the SSID Vlan mappings to match the networks needed for customer/guest, office admin and eftpos etc as required

Mikrotik CCR Cloud Core routers, custom configurations

Last updated, Sep 3, 2018

Mikrotik Cloud Core Router custom deployments and configurations are delivered to meet the customer needs for network edge routers, core routers, firewall and site to site network extensions. These devices are very powerful routers that conform to modern network standards and shift data at an astonishing rate for the price